Terms of Use

WEILL offers, for its products on sale: photos, a description, the list of available colours and sizes and the selling price including VAT by clicking on "See details". When there is only one colour for the product, only the sizes for which pieces are available are displayed.

When there are multiple colours for the product, the message "This product is no longer available in this size/colour" may be displayed if the product is not available. The customer is then invited to change the size or colour to find an available product. Depending on the computer equipment used by the client, the rendering of colours and shapes may be inaccurate. WEILL cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information, given purely as an indication, on the products for sale on the site, in particular the rendering of photos.

The E-boutique Customer Service is available to the client to answer any questions about the products or the procedures to follow (see Article 9). When the customer orders products by clicking on "Add to cart", they are placed in the cart. It is the customer's responsibility to check the accuracy of the basket before validating and paying for the order.


The basket can be modified and cancelled. The connection to the site is interrupted in case of prolonged inactivity of more than 30 minutes. The customer must then reconnect to recompose his basket. An order validated by payment can no longer be modified on the site. A confirmation email is sent to the customer who can also consult the history and details of his orders in the "My account" section.

The client may also consult the progress of his deliveries and edit his invoices at any time. WEILL reserves the right to cancel any order that it considers abnormal, or from a client who has previously breached the general terms of sale, or for any other legitimate reason.